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Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR)

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. An infrared inspection with a FLIR B-Series infrared camera is a powerful and non-invasive means of diagnosing the condition of residential and commercial buildings. It can quickly identify problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye and eliminates older, more expensive means of inspection requiring lots of labor and destructive probing.

All of my experience comes from being a qualified contractor. Countless termite renovations, mold remediation and water mitigations have given me proven knowledge of how to look for problems.

The intent of FLIR technology is photography. But these pictures make the difference. In the past a home inspector would say the roof appears to be leaking. Now we can say the roof definitely is leaking and here’s the extent of the damage.

In a typical inspection a glance at the ceiling might reveal a brown stain indicative of water damage. First, I would inspect the roof for defects. Next, I would examine the attic for stains, dry rot or mold. Finally, I would check the ceiling for density.

An added step, however, is the FLIR camera. The image will show the difference between wet and dry. My training at interpreting these images will allow me to say whether it’s a “one time” leak or an active leak that is leaking every time it rains.

Thermal image interpretation allows me to take an image with the FLIR camera and understand what is going on so that I can give you information about the condition of the building. As a qualified operator, I have a bank of images of known conditions that I can compare your images to and make a determination as to what is actually happening.

Common Misconceptions

The camera is magic and can see everything, even ghosts.

The camera only sees what the operator directs it to see. If you don’t have the training and experience of a qualified operator, the camera will still miss things.

The cost of an infrared inspection is too expensive.

The fact is, Inspection Plus includes the cost of an infrared inspection in the basic residential inspection.

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