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Inspection Plus Guarantee

What is it?

We believe that you will be satisfied with our service. So much so that we will guarantee it. You will receive the most comprehensive evaluation by a qualified licensed home inspector in our service area or the inspection is free!

Terms and Conditions

To qualify for a claim you must request in writing or email of your dissatisfaction within 48 hours of first receiving the report.

You must provide us reasonable opportunity to warranty or correct any dissatisfaction.

You are obligated to retain the service of another home inspection company in our area. This company must provide a report that meets or exceeds the Alabama State Standards within 10 business days. This comparison report must exceed our report in professional interpretation, benefit to the client, technical understanding and representation. Regardless of how good my report is, if their report is more accurate then my service is free.

This guarantee is not available unless dissatisfaction is voiced within 48 hours of receipt.

This guarantee is limited to technical data collected and represented by the inspector. Format, spelling, or grammar does not warrant a claim. This guarantee is not to be used to get a free home inspection.

Upon your dissatisfaction of service you will receive a full refund or forgiveness of obligation to pay providing you present a reasonable document from another inspection firm proving your claim.